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Camera operator course for video and TV

Teaching in:

ESCOLA D’ALTS ESTUDIS DE L’IMATGE I EL DESIGN, IDEP, 1997-2004. Video and TV Production Course.

UAO, UNIVERSITAT ABAT OLIVA, 2005. Presentation on Photography Direction in Advertising. 

IES-SEP MARE DE DÉU DE LA MERCÈ. APRIL 2008 Presentation on Photography Direction.

FORMENTERA 2.0,2013. Presentation on Photography Direction.

LCI BARCELONA ESCOLA DE DESIGN I ARTS VISUALS. 2015-2022 Master in Styling in Audiovisual Media.

ICMODA, 20015-2023. Postgraduate in Styling for Audiovisual Arts. 

CIFO L’HOSPITALET, 2017-2022 Camera operator courses for video and TV.

CIFO L’HOSPITALET, 2017-20218 Digital Cinematography Courses. 

CIFO L’HOSPITALET, 2016 Camera operator and digital cinematography course.  

Digital Cinematography Course

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